Martha Raddatz is Definitely Not Bias

Looked out the window and what did I see? An aging blonde woman flanked by two cameras, shoving a microphone into people’s faces.

Is that Martha Raddatz?
No, couldn’t be.
What the hell would she be doing in West Chester Pennsylvania?
Holy shit that is Martha Raddatz!
I should go talk to her.

I calmly walked out the front door so as not to attract the attention of Mz. Raddatz and her crew. Stood on the sidewalk opposite them. Pressed record on my iPhone, which I then held nonchalantly in my right hand and waited to attract their attention. The wait wasn’t a long one.

Martha and her crew trudged across the street, hoping to get me (a mid-30s white woman whom I have no doubt they assumed would be all rah-rah Hillary!) to agree to an on-camera interview.

As you can see in the video above, things didn’t quite turn out the way that Mz. Raddatz had hoped.

Will she learn anything from our little exchange?



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