Greener Cemeteries?

cemeteryMore ‘stimulating’ spending in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009, The National Cemetery Administration will be receiving $50,000,000 for ‘monument and memorial repairs, including energy projects’.  Energy projects?  How does one make a ‘greener’ cemetery with all those pesky corpses releasing methane gas as they decompose?


2 thoughts on “Greener Cemeteries?”

  1. Those ‘Pesky Corpses’ are peoples’ friends and family who gave their lives so that you could even write that rude statement! Do you know how many widows and grieving parents, siblings, cousins, etc. that are so proud of their loved one who GAVE THEIR LIFE for this country? Millions.

    1. @Soldiergirl you have entirely missed my point, which was not to disparage the military in any regard, I appreciate everything that they do to protect all of our freedoms and I have the utmost respect for their sacrifice. I was trying to point out the mindlessness of the program to ‘green’ cemeteries, you see when bodies decompose they emit gases which environmentalists claim damage our planet, so I was sarcastically trying to point out the irrationality of the entire exercise. I would never disrespect the military as to do so not only goes against everything that I believe, but it would also mean disrespecting the members of my family who have served.

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