People Are Going Chimp $h!t Over a Cartoon

chimp cartoon

People have lost their minds over this cartoon published by the New York Post because it features a monkey.  Well technically,  it’s not a monkey.  It’s actually a fifteen year old chimpanzee named Travis formerly of Connecticut.   Travis had a bad day earlier this week and despite the Xanax he was fed, he snapped and removed the hands and face of a nice neighbor lady that only wanted to help him.  The police arrived and put an end to Travis.  The cartoon simply depicts this stranger than fiction tragedy.

The comment being made by the police officer, ‘They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill” refers to congress, the people who actually wrote the stimulus bill.  I do not believe the chimp is meant to be representative of President Obama nor do I believe that was the intention of the New York Post or the cartoonist, Sean Delonas.

art-george-bush-and-chimpsBut what if shock shock horror horror, Delonas did intend the chimp to be representative of the president?  Is the use of a simian automatically racist?  The same characterization was made of President Bush hundreds of times with no racial connotation, they were merely calling him a moron.

Al Sharpton who lives for this crap, didn’t think the chimp was meant to symbolize the idiocy of our congress.  To him it was obviously representative of Obama.  He and 200 extremely offended others took to the streets and protested outside of the Post’s New York offices.  I hope that those protesters were unemployed.  If those people were ditching work over a drawing they deserve to lose their jobs especially in this economy.  I mean really, it’s just a cartoon.

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