Oh So Stimulating…

I’ve decided to make use of my abundant free time by skimming through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in order to make my own assessment of just how stimulating it will be to our economy.  I’m no economic expert but am I possessed with an overabundance of common sense.  Instead of listening to the talking heads drone on and on about this pork and that, I’ve decided to use my enormous brainpower and examine the 1,000 plus page document.  I’ll be highlighting that which I deem unnecessary, absurd, useless and ridiculous in subsequent posting so stay tuned….


4 thoughts on “Oh So Stimulating…”

  1. Out of curiosity what will be your yardstick for measure. In other words, what do any of the spending provisions or tax cuts have to do to avoid being “I’ll be highlighting that which I deem unnecessary, absurd, unless and ridiculous?”

  2. Sorry, let me ask that question again. What is your criteria for the provisions in the bill being appropriate? Near-term results, mid-term results, fundamental change? Trickle-down? Bottom-up?

  3. Near-term results will not be met by the bill because the provisions will have little to no effect on the economy at large until 2010 at the earliest. Positive mid term stimulus would be a welcome result. Fundamental economic change will most certainly occur, being that the bill will put the nation’s economy reliant on the federal government on a scale never before seen in American history ( an unwelcome result for this taxpayer ). Yet, we can all agree that the only appropriate results would be positive economic change for the near future, but most importantly, positive change for the long haul.

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